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"Weeee.....wish you a merry Christmas; we wish you a merry Christmas; we Wish You A Merry Christmas, and a happy new year...." a heavenly choir sang at Time Square in the big city of New York. Now, everyone's who's seen New York knows that it has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world; especially at Christmastime. The city twinkles with the bright lights all a-glow, there are wreathes on every single-solitary street light in sight, and the children crowd around the toy store windows to get a glimpse of some of the toys they might want to add on their Christmas lists once they get home. And with Christmas so very near, the holiday cheer spread all over New York City (above ground-AND below)

Which brings us deep into the sewers, where a happy family of mutants began their preparations for the holiday festivities.
"Here we come a-caroling among THE LEAVES OF GREEN, " Mikey(who was wearing a Santa hat on his head, and had a candy cane in his hand) began to sing at the top of his lungs, prancing around the sewer home like a giddy school boy.
"Grrrrrrr...... mikey, please shut up, or I'll kick ya in yer splean, " Raphael mumbled to himself while decorating the tree.
Suddenly, Michelangelo blitzed passed Raphael as he was hanging his favorite Christmas ornament up on the tree. Raph became startled and dropped the decoration, but did attempt to save it. However, his attempt was futile; only to watch the bright red glass ball drop to the floor and shatter to bits. Instead of crying (which Raphael secretly felt like doing) Raphael was in fighting mode.
"MICHELANGELO, YOU'RE DEAD!!!" Raphael yelled as he began chasing Michelangelo.
"You've gotta catch me first, Raphineezer Scrooge!" Mikey teased, playfully.
"Boys-can't you at least ATTEMPT to get along: it's Christmas!" Mona Lisa scolded.
Michelangelo was trying to escape Raphael's full-nelson by biting him on the finger, but briefly stopped their rough housing to answer Mona's question with a calm and simple "No," and then quickly resume their fighting.

Just then, Leonardo, Nari, Donatello and Venus De Milo walked out of the kitchen from taking an eggnog break; only to find their two brothers going absoutely nuts on eachother. All the four could do was look at one another and shake their heads in shame.
Now, Master Splinter didn't have very loud footsteps, but the boys always knew just when their Sensei was approaching.
Leo, who was always kean on sensing Master Splinter's approaching presense, muttered to his brothers firmly, "Quit it, you two! Master Splinter's coming, and if he sees you fighting like this, we're ALL gonna get it."
Just then, Clover and Mona Lisa rushed quickly to seperate their "boys" from clawing eachother's eyes out.
"Thanks, cutie," Mikey said to Clover as she pulled him away form Raph and began to rub his shoulders, thanking her with a tender kiss on the cheek.
Raphael, panting and face burning bright red with anger, Mona whispered lusterously in his ear, "You'll get him next time, Raphie" grabbing his muscle-bound arm and kissing him tenderly on the cheek.
"*huff**huff**sigh* Thanks, babe. I needed that" Raphael muttered, beginning to calm down.
Shortly after the fight resolved, Master Splinter sulked into the living room with a rather upset look on his face (and, mind you, not even asking the boys to show him their fighting stance).
"Er, Sensei, are you feeling alright," Donatello asked concernedly, checking his master's forehead.
Master Splinter sighed, gave his son a weak smile, and replied "I am fine, my son. Though, your concern touches me."
Now, the turtes knew when their sensei was telling the truth and when he was downright fibbing, and this time, Master Splinter rated a 9.5 on the Fib-o-meter.
"My, what lovely decorations," Master Splinter admired, as he stared at the Christmas tree. "But, wasn't there always a lovely little red ornament that would always go about there...?" the old rat pointed out as he directed his hand at a spot on the tree. Raphael's face returned back to it's beat red state, panting very heavily trying to keep his cool, while Mona Lisa answered, "Um, I wouldn't talk about it if I were you, Master Splinter."
Leonardo had his arm around his beautiful Nari who was carefully resting her head on his broad shoulders, when Leo looked over at his master, only to see his eyes fill up with tears. The poor old man, er, rat, stared longingly at the Christmas tree, first beginning to smile, and then baring a pitifully depressing frown and beginning to sob quietly to himself. Leo looked at his father, and then looked at Nari-who also noticed Master Splinter's grief (along with the rest of the mutant family).
"Father," Leonardo tried to assure his aching master by laying a comforting hand on his small, quivering shoulder, "Master, if there's something the matter, then please- don't be afraid to-"
"No, Leonardo," the little old rat replied, trying to wipe away his tears, "I am fine. I just...."
Master Splinter stopped placing a hand over his mouth, literally trying to hold back his tears, then regaining his speach back: only to briefly mutter, "Please excuse me" before running out of the room and into his own.
"The dude looked sad," Michelangelo said unhappily.
"Well, of course Splinter-san is sad," Venus interjected, "If YOUR eyes were bleeding strange, clear liquid-"
  "That wasn't blood, Venus," Donatello interrupted, putting his arm around her, "Those...are called tears. Normally associated with a complex secretomotor phenomenon characterized by the shedding of tears from the lacrimal apparatus, without any irritation of the ocular-"
"Uh, how about some ENGLISH, Einstein," Raphael interrupted impatiently.
"Er, what I mean is Master Splinter was...crying." Donatello responded stupidly.
"I'm gonna go see if Master Splinter's alright," said Leonardo, when he felt a light touch on his shoulder.
"Would you like company?" Nari asked with a hint of concern in her voice.
"I'll be back in a second. You stay here and try to keep things in order," Leonardo said calmly, then both of them staring at Mikey and Raphael going at it again, poor Clover and Mona trying to seperate their boys, and Venus and Donnie watching all the disarray begin.
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SANTA CLAUS ISN'T REAL!?!" Michelangelo shouted furiously.

Leonardo ignored the quarrelsome brothers and went over to his father's room. And just as he was about to open the curtain that led to his master's dojo, he heard a voice speaking. The voice belonged, of course, to Master Splinter, and Leonardo thought at first his sensei was speaking to him. But, once Leonardo poked his head into the room, he understood exactly what was going on.
"Yoshi," Splinter cried silently, "Oh, Hamato Yoshi. I have missed you every single day since you have left this I remember that this was your favorite time of year, and it has been, as of today, 20 years since you and I have celebrated a Christmas together. I miss the way you and I would exchange gifts, even though, hehe, being a pet rat I had no gift to present you with. But, Yoshi, what I miss the very most of all was the way you would sing to me. You would sing "howaito kurisumasu" so brilliantly, and it would always, indeed, be a white Christmas...I...I have not seen a white Christmas since you..."
He began to sob once again. Only, this time, he was not sobbing alone. Leonardo, tears in his eyes, felt his father's pain- the pain of losing a loved one, a near and dear one; and not to have them here on Christmas. Leo wiped the tears from his eyes and returned back to the living room to share what he knew with his team.

"Now, now. Personally, I think ya'll are bein' silly about this Santy Claus stuff," Clover remarked, arms spread apart to seperate Raph and Mikey.
"This don't concern you, chick," Raphael said coldly.
"Hey," Michelangelo yelled angrily, "Don't you talk to my girl like that!"
"YOU make me!"
"Well, Raphie, you've gotta admit, you ARE being a bit silly carrying on about this like a child..."
"I agree with Miss Mona. Donatello?"
"Um, well, Venus, I think...."
The bickering continued and began to climax, with Nari just staring at Leonardo shrugging to herself.
"I tried, my cherry blossum," Nari said tiredly.
Leonardo smiled as he stroked her hair and looked into her eyes lovingly, then kissing her on the forehead-just before letting out a furocious yell to simmer down all the ruccus.
All of the chatter and fighting simultaniously stopped as everyone stared back at Leo.
"Okay, for first of all," Leonardo said in a "lay-down-the-law" kind of tone, "All this fighting, and bickering: It's gonna STOP..."
"Says who?" Raphael interrupted bravely.
"Says ME." Leonardo rebutted angrily, closing in on Raphael.
"As I was saying: the fighting, the bickering- It ends now, and if any of you feel the need to fight someone, you've got to fight me first. Because I'm getting a little sick and tired of all the fighting this family gets into over crap! So you want to fight, fight me. GOT IT!?"
Nobody was brave enough to argue with that, not even Raph, ( I mean who honestly wanted to get into a brawl with the best fighter in the hous?) so all of them just nodded their heads in a frightened "yes".
"Good," Leonardo nodded.

"So, dude, what was the deal with Master Splinter?" Mikey asked.
"Master Splinter's problem is he really misses Hamato Yoshi because Christmas was his favorite time of the year, and he'd always sing "White Christmas" to Master Splinter in Japanese and how it would always snow. Guys, he said he hasn't seen a snow fall since his last Christmas with Yoshi... with...with h-his best friend..."
Leonardo started to sniffle, and subtley hid his face in his hand as he angrily wiped his eyes that were beginning to cloud up. Then, he cleared his throat of the tears and emotions that he became choked up with, and tried to covered up his feelings to keep the others from seeing as best he could.
"A-hem,hem,m. Sorry, I, eh, must be, uh, ahem, coming down with something..." but Nari could see right through him and knew that Master Splinter's perdicament was really getting to him.
"As I was saying, " Leonardo continued, "This Christmas is gonna be different. This Christmas is going to be the best Christmas Master Splinter has ever had since Hamato Yoshi died. We-all of us, are gonna give our Sensei; Our Father the best Christmas present he's ever had. And here's how we're gonna do it..." Leonardo said confidently as they all gathered together in a huddle to hear their game plan for their master's ultimate Christmas present.
Merry Christmas, PrayerGirl1!!!!!!!!!! (yes, i was your secret santa all along;)) This is the first part of your Christmas Present, and I guess you could title it "A Gift For Splinter":shrug: but, MERRY CHRISTMAS:xmas:


tmnt (c) viacom
Nari- Victorsgurl288
Clover; Picture- Lily pily&Victorsgurl288 (such INCREDIBLE artists:love:)

Part 2:[link]
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