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Here you will find all of my crazy fan works of TMNT:nod: If you's a TMNT-crazed fan like me, then you's gonna like my gallery;) Haha!! Enjoy:love:



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Hey hey, everybody! Found some time and decided to do a journal :iconcheerplz:

*voices from afar* "BUT WHAT ABOUT MY REQUEST?!"




*voices from afar* :iconafraidplz:


Anyway *clears throat* back to the journal. As many of you know, the Season 2 finale of TMNT 2012 will be premiering this Friday on Nick; and, with that, Season 3 is just rounding the corner to hit television sets everywhere! That being said, the show is in for a whole lot of 'new': new plot-points, new characters being introduced, and most notably, a new voice for our fearless leader in blue!

That's right, folks - if you're hearing it first here, then let it be known that as of **insert specific date here** Nickelodeon announced that American Pie and Orange is the New Black star Jason Biggs, the current voice of Leonardo Hamato (currently taken over by voice-actor Dominic Catrambone) will be replaced by none other than Family Guy and Robot Chicken voice icon Seth Green. Now, you may be wondering... "Why is she telling us this? It's practically common knowledge by now." Well, I'll tell ya! 

When the TMNT 2012 voices were announced maaaaany many years ago, I decided to write a quasi-prediction, quasi-voice review of the voice-casted heroes in half shells (which can be found here---> Nickelodeon 2012- TMNT CAST (Turtles' voices)As we all know and are VERY excited about, there will be a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" CG-series reboot of our favorite heroes in a half-shell. Earlier today, I stumbled upon this website---> to find the celebrities who will be the voices of the Turtles! I said to myself, "Hey: I got nothing better to do", and decided to do a critique on each of the voice-over actors, and how their voices may either help (or hurt) the turtle's image; along with how well I think their voice relates to their turtle counterpart's character :D
*Jason Biggs as Leonardo:
Now, seeing that I live in a hole and have never seen "American Pie", I immediatley researched (via Youtube) to find out what his voice sounded like. When I heard it, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine everything he was saying as if it were coming out of Leonardo, and I really liked it! He reminded me, ac
 ). And, since Seth Green is going to be ushered in as Leonardo's new voice, I felt that it was only fair to give him his own review, too. So with that, let's jump right into the review of...

Seth Green as "Leonardo Hamato"

For those of you who are unaware, this Primetime Emmy-Winner has got quite the voice-over resume; as he lends his vocal chops to many characters on Robot Chicken (a show which Green also produces, writes, directs, and co-created), and portrays the character Chris Griffin, the Griffin's rather dim-witted, eldest son on Family Guy. On Robot Chicken, Green wrote and brought to television several satirical stop-motion skits relating to the heroes in a half shell - all in jest, of course, as Green confesses to be quite the "super fan" of TMNT franchise. Pleasantly enough, Green attended SDCC to sit among the TMNT panel in excitement for his Season 3 debut. I must say, it is exciting to see a fan of the show become a turtle voice, even though all of the voices, Rob Paulsen (as Donatello), Sean Astin (as Raphael) and Greg Cipes (as Michelangelo) proudly profess their T-U-R-T-L-E power! There is, clearly, no doubt that the choice of casting Seth Green as Leonardo will call upon a rather curious audience - sending the ratings up as Season 3 returns, as well as our suspicions. 

Let me just say that I do not question Green's talent when it comes to voice-over. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Green's an immensely skilled actor: gifted in the area of comedic timing, brilliant with delivery, and undeniably clever with both his precision and execution. But when it comes down to brass-tax... is he really Leonardo? Like, when you talk about Leonardo, does Seth Green's voice pop into your head as a picture-perfect match? For me, not so much.

You see, the quality of Seth's voice just seems... I don't know, off. Let me explain: when you hear Seth Green's voice, there is a very rich, deep, gravelly tone to it. And it's great! The versatility of it allows Green to give new, mature characters their own identities, and he's very good at using these characteristics to give the individual character its own personality. However, the voice of Leonardo Hamato and "rich deep gravel" don't seem to mesh. I mean, as I said in my other review, the tone of Leonardo needs a voice that is just bright enough to give off that subtle tone of impetuous youth; while still maintaining a firm, and undeniably focused charm. 

With Seth playing the part, I just don't see that happening. I-it's just hard for me to match his voice with Leonardo, y'know? It's just too mature, too gravelly a sound for Leo. Still, I have no doubt that Nick will ease us into it; and Seth Green, being the professional that he is, will do what he can. I don't know why, but I just imagine Leonardo talking (as Seth Green) and Michelangelo just looks at him, like, "Duuuude, what's up with your VOICE?!" :XD:

Ahh, who knows?! Maybe the writers will make it work: maybe they'll give him a cold/ Laryngitis/ throat thing that ends up changing how he talks forever (cuz, like they're teenagers, and puberty). Either way, I can't wait to see the show! And good luck, Seth Green! Even though you'll probably never read this! 

So, that's my review! Hope you enjoyed it! If not, oh well, at least you made it to the end! Congratulations! :D Now, back to my life of servitude to school, work, life, and other crap! Requests to be completed soon! Love you guys!!!! :love:

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